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Lightroom 4 Before and After (backslash key)

I am still making it through the entire episode.  Matt has an awesome way of teaching Lightroom.  Backslash key – before and after!  Man – how am I supposed to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts?

Here is the link to his podcast.  http://kelbytv.com/lightroomkillertips/2012/04/04/lightroom-and-photoshop-beforeafter/

Episode Summary 

Ever since I first started using the new sliders in the Basic panel in Lightroom 4, I was hooked. So I started out to record a video on how I use them but realized I use them in different ways for different photos. Then I realized, there were more things I wanted to do to this photo. Before I knew it, I had a full before and after video using Photoshop and all. You gotta love it when your video starts taking over right? 🙂 Anyway, my main goal here is to show you the Basic panel sliders in Lightroom 4 and just how powerful moving 4-5 sliders can be for your photo. In fact, you’ll see that most of the work is done before we ever leave Lightroom to Photoshop. I hope you enjoy!