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Installing the upgrade to Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium

Well, I took the plunge – bought the CS 5.5 upgrade to Web Premium and then just this morning I got online with an Adobe tech chat window and got my free promo for CS6 Design and Web Premium.  (They said an email would be sent out for all of those with the free upgrade from CS 5.5 by May 25th – but I haven’t seen it).  I’ve finished with the 4.5GB download and am now doing the install.  Interesting that it didn’t ask about removing the older suite.  I will probably just have to take care of that manually. 

The download was pretty quick using the download manager and didn’t have any problems.  It’s set to take 9.1GB in the install – which is eating up the last bit of free space on my 160GB boot OCZ SSD drive.  Most definitely will have to remove the old suite as I don’t have room for both of them on my SSD.  I could put the install on one of my other spinning drives – but I want the speed of the SSD when doing anything with the Creative Suite.  I just wish the 512GB SSD’s were affordable enough.  I can barely get by with the 160GB OCZ for booting my Windows 7 64bit along with all of the installed programs.

I’m excited about seeing all of the new features and by now also having InDesign for the those occasional projects.

I’ll post more after the upgrade is done and I get to see how things are running with the new suite.