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Lightroom 4.1 released

Well, I fired up LR 4 today to make a quick print of 2-5×7’s for someone and got the pop-up notice that 4.1 has been released. 

Here is a link to fixes and updates.  I won’t bother with typing them in all over as Adobe has a nice page themselves.

However here is a list of new things added:

  • The ability to process HDR TIFF files.  (16, 24 or 32-bit TIFF files)  This can be useful if you have merged multiple exposures into a single 32-bit image using Photoshop’s HDR Pro.  Using the new basic panel controls can be a very effective and straightforward method of achieving an overall balance across the tonal range.
  • Additional Color Fringing corrections to help address chromatic aberration.  Click here to learn more
  • Save photobooks created in the Book Module as JPEG files
  • Publishing photos to Adobe Revel is now accessible via a Publish plugin

One interesting note however is that 4.1 is over twice the size of what 4.0 was to install in the first place!  I know they added some new features – but that’s pretty unusual for a 4.1 patch to be that big.  So – looking over the list above – may be the larger file size is due to adding in support for working with HDR files.  I’m still working on some of my sunrise and sunset pics from the Caribbean – so it might be interesting to compare these new features to what I’ve normally done with Photomatix’s HDR Pro.